Continuing Gendered Bodies (Wednesday 9/29/10)


West and Zimmerman (1987) connect how we interact socially to how we are understood and categorized by other people as either men or women. They highlight how this process of categorization and scrutiny is omni-present and excruciatingly detailed such that we are always accountable for acting either “appropriately” masculine or feminine. Bornstein (1995) is a transgender performer and author. She offers some very honest answers from her life experience to questions that she has been asked over time. She also pushes forward with those questions about just why we, U.S. culture in particular, are so invested in our dualistic perspective on gender.

Discussion Questions

  • “What are your thoughts on gender as an “achievement” and how is it different or similar to other interactive presentations of the self?”
  • “What components or aspects of U.S. culture have contributed to the shame in acknowledging or inquiring about an individual’s gender identity?”

Forest, Josh, Tyler.

Discussion Content

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