Emphasized Femininity

1. Emphasized femininity is considered an exaggerated form of femininity and is the idea that woman must conform to the needs and desires of men. It is the female compliance of gender inequality. This idea of Emphasized Femininity was proposed by Connell

2. “Woman also must contend with such an exaggerated ideal of femininity. Connell calls it “emphasized femininity”. Emphasized femininity is organized around compliance with gender inequality, and is “oriented to accommodating the interests and desires of men”. One sees emphasized femininity in “the display of sociability rather than technical competence, fragility in mating scenes, compliance with men’s desires for titillation and ego-stroking in office relationships, acceptance of marriage and child care as a response to labor-market discrimination against women” (Connell 1987, 183, 188, 187). Emphasized femininity exaggerates gender difference as a strategy of “adaptation to men’s power” stressing empathy and nurturance. “>(Kimmel 2008, 4)

3. “It is during the transition from “child” to “teen” that girls start negotiating the forces of adult femininity, a set of structures and meanings that more fully inscribe their subordination on the basis of gender. “Emphasized femininity” is based on accommodating to the desires and interests of men. Girls are pressured to make themselves “attractive,” to define themselves and other girls in terms of their positions in the heterosexual market…(which) all too often involves exploitation.(Thorne 170)”(Pennington 2005)

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